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Along with the launch of this new website I’m starting a newsletter. What is it for? A direct communication for the most important news, and some exclusive content aswell.

There’s an important component of why I decided it was better to make a newsletter. You see, having a communication between you and I via e-mail makes our contact safe.
Why do I say “safe”? I could use Instagram or any other social media platform where we are present. The thing is, sometimes these platforms may take down our accounts without warning or any option to communicate what happened to you.

So instead of creating back-up accounts for each platform, nothing like a good old newsletter. Besides, I’m planning to give some exclusive content for anyone who joins.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe and enjoy. I won’t spam your e-mail. I will be sending newsletters only when I have big news or something that I think you might enjoy.

Cheers, Lautaro.


To access exclusive content, special offers, and stay updated on print releases, courses, and new projects.

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