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How long until your next book release?

Daring ─ Full outline


Daring; Part 1 ─ Draft 4


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Writing is a need. Of course I can spend my entire life without writing as long as I satisfy all the true essential life tasks for surviving. But when I’m not writing I feel weird, like I’m not bringing to reality all those stories that slowly takes form in my head whenever I have a moment for myself.

I also see writing as an act of writing down my life experiences in a different shape. It takes the form of whatever I find exciting, although those topics tend to be some sort of medieval or ancient cultures setting. I am into science fiction too, and poetry. I love both fantasy and realistic stories.

By now ─just at the beginning of 2021─ I’m in the middle of everything. I have a lot of plots and outlines to compose a saga, but my writing is still progressing. It requires more practice than studying, they say. I’m doing both. Writing as much as I can mixed with studying creative writing and analyzing the books I read.

What will be the first book release?

That’s definetly uncertain. My first finished book will be ‘Daring’. It might be a big novel or three separated not-so-big books. Wether that is the first thing I’ll have published or not, I have no idea.

This isn’t just a single story. My aim is to write a saga. That means interconnections, coherence among books. And therefore I need this to be, at least, readable and coherent. I don’t want to hurry for self-publishing. My aim isn’t to start earning money as soon as possible, and I don’t need to see my first book published. Of course I’d love to, and I’m working hard to reach that point in the soon.

But it is possible that my first published book isn’t about the saga. That would be easier, however I’m much more into developing the saga than writing single books.

What is this so named saga about?

I’m burning in desire to talk about this! However everything I could say would be spoilers… and I want to keep the surprise for its release.

What I can say is that it is fiction and you will find some sort of ancient style in the firsts books. I can also say there will be maps, paintings and illustrations of the world made by myself.

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What can I read from you?

My mother tongue is Spanish. And I can’t afford a translator yet, so I have to translate everything myself. If you would like to see my writing in Spanish, you can switch to Spanish at the bottom of this page and navigate find the texts there. However I will translate in time what is shown in this page, and be sure that once I release my first book it will be available in English and Spanish at least.