Date: February 2021

Commissioned by: Vanika

Comments by the client: “I commissioned Lautaro C.G. a logo for a brand of clothing and lingerie.
It had to be an ace of spades surrounded by patrons and curlicues and with the name Vanika in the middle.
He made an impeccable and well finished work. The experience of working with Lautaro C.G. was positive and I recommend it to others for future illustrations”.

The process

The original idea:
This was the original idea given from Vanika. This required to be well shaped and the curlicues had to be added.
What I did:
The first thing was to transform those shapes into what Vanika had in mind. So I draw the left side using vectors in Inkscape program. Then dupplicated and flipped to get the other side. I kept the letters just as Vanika draw them. For the curlicues I draw all of them on the drawing tablet and then I vectorized them by hand.
The final step was to choose the colors and try other options. Since it was intended for lingerie the red letters sounded like a good idea.