Lautaro CG New Website

Finally Lautaro CG is my new website! My old website where I had a dead portfolio with just some paintings is now replaced. Behold this new shiny, multi-purpose web.

Basically this becomes my official site where I am going to post everything, from writing to painting and design. Also my thoughts, opinions and some processes. But on top of all that I want to show what I learn along the way, just in case someone could find it useful.

I have been thinking about this new Lautaro CG website for a long time. Sketching, planning and trying to figure out how to do it. But now, tadaaaa! Well, you already saw its look, of course.

The hub of my creativity

As I said before, I want this site to be the hub of my creativity. My aim is to post every month. And, if possible, every week. Some times it’s going to be about writing. How I’m doing with my novel, what I’m working on… Other times, it’s going to be about my new paintings or designs. Or even some process for some third projects that involve writing or visual arts.

I’m working on setting up the Newsletter for the greatest news. You can already sign up here! And also contact me, or find my Instagram.

Tour to Lautaro CG new website

Let’s make a quick tour through the current website and how it is going to be in the future.

General page & Home

If you entered from a computer the first you saw was the banner and some bars. That’s the quick view to my most important project and news. The progress bars of course shows what I’m working on, and how developed is it. I will update those bars once a month.

At the home page you will find the blog. That blog contains the latest posts from all categories. So if you would like to give a quick view to my latest news, you can go there.

Remember if you are looking for something in particular, you can always use the search button at the main menu.

The writing section

Then there is the writing section. Here you will find an online library where I upload content free to read. Since english isn’t my mother tongue it will take me some time to translate what I already have into english. But I promise everything I do will be available in english.

There’s also the writing blog, where only appears posts with that category.

I plan to add a section with useful information for novel writers and another one where I will try to help promote other writers.

The Visual Arts section

At this section you will find my gallery with my latest and highlighted works. You can click on the images for a better view.

The Designs section ain’t the best. But that’s because I’m not focused on designs. However, if you like what I do and you can ask me to create a logo or similar for you.

At the visual arts blog you can find just the posts about visual arts. That include finished paintings, thoughts on the process, some tips, and more.


In the dropdown menu About there is my biography, a contact form where you can write me asking for anything, and a blog ─which contains the same as the home page for now─.

Future features

This is the base of my website. Hopefully I will complete the set up of the store ─yes, I’m doing all this by my self. A hard aspect of being an artist, you have to do everything if you want to break in!─ so my paintings are available in the shape of canvases, posters, postcards and even t-shirts or mugs! We will see.

As soon as I get my first book published it will be available from there too for sure.