Jugger Argentina

Jugger Argentina

Date: 2016
Commissioned by: Jugger Argentina
Used for: logo of the Argentinian Jugger Association.
Purpose: It had to gather the essence of the sport and be very distinctive from the logos of other countries. So I made it using some iconic elements of the sport combined with the argentinian flag in the shape of a mate, the traditional argentinian drink.
Process and comments: I created this logo when I didn’t have any knowledge on how to use vectors, which is essential for making logotypes and designs in general. I made first several sketches with pencil on paper. Then I made a clean and bigger version also on paper and inked with pens. Then I scanned it and made it as clean as I could using a design program.
Nowadays it would have been much easier and with a better result just by using inkscape, an open source program for working with vectors.

What I like the most from this design is how the elements are combined. The black sticks from the sport simulate the “straw” of the mate, and how the flag is in the shape of the mate, I just find that cool. The result is clearly something from Argentina and for those who know the sport it is also evident that it is the logo for the Jugger Argentina Association.

The design in use: 

It has been used in web pages, forums, rulebooks, trophies…

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