I T.I.A.

Date: 2016
Commissioned by: Jugger Argentina
Used for: This logo stands for “1 Torneo Internacional Argentino”, first international tournament, which was made for the sport jugger tournament.
Purpose: It had to look sporty and attractive while clearly showing the initials.

Process and comments: I created this logo when I didn’t have any knowledge on how to use vectors, which is essential for making logotypes and designs in general. I made first several sketches with pencil on paper. At first without using rules, just to get the idea I liked the best. Then I made a clean and bigger version also on paper, but using rules and a compass. Then I took a picture of this and made it as clean as I could using a design program. Nowadays it would have been much easier and with a better result just by using inkscape, an open source program for working with vectors.

I still like this, the sporty look and how the letters are connected to create something you can remember with a single look.

The design in use: This logo was used in several products, such as trophies, medals, t-shirts and posters.

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