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  • A physics classroom

    A physics classroom

    Digital painting
    Size: A3.
    Painted on: February 2021

    This was a commissioned painting. A university classroom of phisics in Argentina ─yes, students and teachers drink mate during the class usually─.
    I made It with my Wacom intuos pen tablet using Krita.

    I feel I’m imroving my skills, and feels easier to improve painting digital. Still amazed because of this.
    I enjoyed a lot painting the mate. I could still add more details, but the essence of this painting is already there.

    The process

    The most difficult part in this painting was conceiving the perspective. I’ve never been in a classroom like this. I made all based on descriptions and perspective development. I looked at some pictures but none of those had the perspective I was looking for. So I build it up from scratch.

    After having the sketch I started painting. I made several layers for each part of the painting. That makes a lot easier to work on the silhouttes. The palette was also a complex choice. I tried to have a realistic aspect but also had to force the lighting over the blackboard to enhance the equations.

    I enjoyed a lot making the aspect of the blackboard. I wrote on it with “chalk” and then applied some blur to simulate the eraser.

    I still have to improve a lot on faces and human body, but I’m approaching to the realistic level I’m looking for.

  • Boreal Dusk

    Boreal Dusk

    Digital painting using Krita and a small Wacom tablet.
    Size: 2397x2397px.
    Painted on: December 2020

    Boreal Dusk is a digital painting made for Criecziel’s album cover.

    I was asked to paint a snowy landscape with a cave. After a few sketches we decided the look of the painting.

    It took me a few days to finish it. I was still new to this technique and I was learning on the way how to use the different brushes and other options from the program.

  • Caverns Under the Wetland

    Caverns Under the Wetland

    Oils on paper.
    Size: 50x30cm.
    Painted on: July 2020

    This was a commissioned painting for Criecziel’s first album ‘Caverns Under the Wetland’. The painting should contain a swamp, a forest, a sight of the mountains at the background.

    It was the first time I painted with oils and that was a whole new experience.

    Final cover

    This is the final cover for the album called ‘Caverns under the wetland’ from the artist Criecziel.

  • Banshee


    Acrylics on canvas.
    Size: 30x24cm.
    Painted on: October 2016

    This was a commissioned artwork for a particular. The requested painting was a swamp at midnight with a Banshee.
    A banshee is a female spirit in Irish folklore who heralds the death of a family member.

  • Braunfels Keeptower

    Braunfels Keeptower

    Tempera on paper.
    Size: 25x35cm.
    Painted on: January 2016

    Braunfels is a German city. When I visited Germany on 2015 I took several pictures. Once at home I was in love with that place, its museum, the towers… I had to paint this picture.

  • Pyrenees


    Acrylics on lined cardboard.
    Size: 24x18cm.
    Painted on: January 2017

    The Pyrenees is the mountain range which divides Spain and France. This particular painting is from Bujaruelo, Aragon.

  • Inspired by Kvothe

    Inspired by Kvothe

    Acrylics on lined cardboard.
    Size: 18x24cm.
    Painted on: September 2017

    As the title says, the painting was inspired by Kvothe. Kvothe is the main character from the book ‘The Name Of The Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss.

  • Rainy sunset

    Rainy sunset

    Acrylics on lined cardboard.
    Size: 24x18cm.
    Painted on: July 2017

  • Reaching the Sun

    Reaching the Sun

    Acrylics on lined cardboard.
    Size: 18x24cm.
    Painted on: November 2016

  • Braunfels Gateway

    Braunfels Gateway

    Acrylics on canvas.
    Size: 30x24cm.
    Painted on: April 2016

  • Ship on the island

    Ship on the island

    Acrylics on lined cardboard.
    Size: 18x24cm.
    Painted on: August 2016

  • Letter & Sword

    Letter & Sword

    Acrylics on lined cardboard.
    Size: 13x18cm.
    Painted on: July 2016