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Welcome to my visual arts section! At first I though I should call this just ‘Paintings’, but now I realized I also want to share my drawings and sketches, the logotypes, the designs for t-shirts… everything I create.

Because creativity is built in my self. It is one of the few words that guides my life and drives my actions. I draw since I have memory, and I started painting in my teens.

One of my biggest motivations for painting is to illustrate the scenery and characters I imagine for my books. But also I like it because I love aesthetics, and I find the most beautiful images in nature. Why am I not a photographer? Huh, hard to say. Mainly because I like to imagine the places I paint from scratch. Just a few of my paintings were based on pictures or real places. And there’s also the fact of how the artist sees the world which makes each painting unique.


In the Visual Arts section you will find a gallery with some of my best paintings and drawings. Everytime I have a new artwork finished I will upload it there.


In the Designs section I show, of course, the designs I made. It isn’t my focus to make logos and stuff like that, however I really enjoy it. I also find necessary to make some logos for myself. I consider it quite important nowadays.

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