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Vanika Date: February 2021 Commissioned by: Vanika Comments by the client: "I commissioned Lautaro C.G. a logo for a brand of clothing and lingerie. It had to be an ace of spades surrounded by patrons and curlicues and with the name Vanika in the middle. He made an impeccable and …
Jugger Argentina
Jugger Argentina Date: 2016Commissioned by: Jugger ArgentinaUsed for: logo of the Argentinian Jugger Association. Purpose: It had to gather the essence of the sport and be very distinctive from the logos of other countries. So I made it using some iconic elements of the sport combined with the argentinian flag …
8 Herraduras
8 Herraduras Date: 2014Commissioned by: 8 Herraduras Jugger TeamUsed for: This logo was used as the icon of the team. It's been used for all their needs, from t-shirts to banners and so on. Purpose: It had to say "8 Herraduras", which means eight horseshoes and there had to be …
I T.I.A. Date: 2016Commissioned by: Jugger ArgentinaUsed for: This logo stands for "1 Torneo Internacional Argentino", first international tournament, which was made for the sport jugger tournament. Purpose: It had to look sporty and attractive while clearly showing the initials. Process and comments: I created this logo when I didn't …
A physics classroom
A physics classroom Digital paintingSize: A3. Painted on: February 2021 This was a commissioned painting. A university classroom of phisics in Argentina ─yes, students and teachers drink mate during the class usually─.I made It with my Wacom intuos pen tablet using Krita.I feel I'm imroving my skills, and feels easier …
About my first novel
What about my first novel? I have started several ones and I have some cool outlines to write a lot. Two times I have started a new novel just to start with something smaller, easier. Because I know I'm a novel author and I have discovered how hard it is …
Lautaro CG New Website
Finally Lautaro CG is my new website! My old website where I had a dead portfolio with just some paintings is now replaced. Behold this new shiny, multi-purpose web. Basically this becomes my official site where I am going to post everything, from writing to painting and design. Also my …
Boreal Dusk
Boreal Dusk Digital painting using Krita and a small Wacom tablet.Size: 2397x2397px. Painted on: December 2020 Boreal Dusk is a digital painting made for Criecziel's album cover. I was asked to paint a snowy landscape with a cave. After a few sketches we decided the look of the painting. It …
Caverns Under the Wetland
Caverns Under the Wetland Oils on paper. Size: 50x30cm. Painted on: July 2020 This was a commissioned painting for Criecziel's first album 'Caverns Under the Wetland'. The painting should contain a swamp, a forest, a sight of the mountains at the background. It was the first time I painted with …
Banshee Acrylics on canvas. Size: 30x24cm. Painted on: October 2016 This was a commissioned artwork for a particular. The requested painting was a swamp at midnight with a Banshee.A banshee is a female spirit in Irish folklore who heralds the death of a family member.