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Lautaro CG portrait


I am Lautaro C.G. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, although I wasn’t there for a long time. Since I was a kid I moved to and fro between Spain and Argentina, so I grew up having a mixture of both cultures.

I always enjoyed drawing and painting, but it wasn’t until I got ten that I was fascinated by books after I read Narnia. I wasn’t an assiduous reader, however I read several fantasy books. As a teenager my biggest passion was drawing, but that turn into the desire of telling stories. So I started to fiddle around with that until I realized I wanted to tell long stories. Then I began writing. First I wrote some short stories which got prizes at school. And was at the age of fourteen that I thought for the first time on the saga I’m working on nowadays. There’s almost nothing left from the original idea due to the transformations I performed as I grew up. But it was on that moment that I realized I wanted to be a writer and an artist.

I finished the compulsory education in Zaragoza, Spain, and then I got my Bachelor in Argentina. I made an individual exposition from a series of acrylic paintings, text and poetry I made.

After my teens

My life continued moving from Argentina to Spain. When I was eighteen I travelled around Europe, specially in Germany. Meanwhile I kept writing and drawing, building the plot and setting for my novels.


I discovered recently the concept artist job. Well, I knew this job existed because I loved to see the creative process that was made for films and videogames. But for some reason it wasn’t until now that I tought about making a carrer in concept art. As I researched about this job I realized how much it matches with me. So I’m actually studying and getting ready to work as a concept artist.

You can find my latest news on the blog at the home page, or visiting the writing blog or the visual arts blog.

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