About my first novel

What about my first novel? I have started several ones and I have some cool outlines to write a lot. Two times I have started a new novel just to start with something smaller, easier. Because I know I’m a novel author and I have discovered how hard it is to come out with a great writing at the first time.

What they say about writing only improves by writing a lot is absolutely true in my opinion. Something different is to be successful with your first novel.

Sketches of ships for my first novel

What am I writing about?

So what I’m writing now is kind of a prequel of the prequel of what I originally wanted to write. I found I’m very interested in all these stories. Hopefuly you will be able to read them in the future.

The novel I’m working on at the moment has the provisional title Daring. And just like the other stories I began, it was going to be a short book about an idealistic leader, a tactician and a mercenary.

However as I dug in the plot I found more about other characters. And there were more and more factors I just cannot write in a short novel. So it became a trilogy.

I recently decided it was better for my development as a writer to split again these books. I’ve already written 1/6 of this whole story. But as I move forward so does my understanding about writing, and I have the urge to re-write what I already have. This thought kept me locked in a spiral of always be re-writing from scratch. But now I need to complete something to have the feeling of going through the entire process.

That’s why now I’m beginning the first revision ─which is not the same than writing everything again from scratch─. My aim is to complete the first sixth of the entire story. And I hope I can do that in a relatively short period.


Next steps with my first novel

  1. Write chapters I have to add.
  2. Read the entire text and make major corrections
  3. Revise everything again until my eye can’t find relevant mistakes in the storytelling, the conversations, the plot.
  4. Then give it to the alpha readers to find more mistakes and evaluate possible changes.
  5. Then the beta readers to tweak the writing and do the necessary changes.
  6. After those steps it will be ready for minor corrections ─like spelling, grammar and that kind of details─.
  7. And finally begin the attempt to find a decent editorial and try to get published.

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