A physics classroom

A physics classroom

Digital painting
Size: A3.
Painted on: February 2021

This was a commissioned painting. A university classroom of phisics in Argentina ─yes, students and teachers drink mate during the class usually─.
I made It with my Wacom intuos pen tablet using Krita.

I feel I’m imroving my skills, and feels easier to improve painting digital. Still amazed because of this.
I enjoyed a lot painting the mate. I could still add more details, but the essence of this painting is already there.

The process

The most difficult part in this painting was conceiving the perspective. I’ve never been in a classroom like this. I made all based on descriptions and perspective development. I looked at some pictures but none of those had the perspective I was looking for. So I build it up from scratch.

After having the sketch I started painting. I made several layers for each part of the painting. That makes a lot easier to work on the silhouttes. The palette was also a complex choice. I tried to have a realistic aspect but also had to force the lighting over the blackboard to enhance the equations.

I enjoyed a lot making the aspect of the blackboard. I wrote on it with “chalk” and then applied some blur to simulate the eraser.

I still have to improve a lot on faces and human body, but I’m approaching to the realistic level I’m looking for.